Inhouse coverage

The mains purpose of the RENITA public safety network is to provide terrestrial radio coverage all over the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. However, the terrestrial network infrastructure cannot guarantee coverage in all buildings. As RENITA coverage is necessary or even legally required in certain buildings, the buildings’ owners or operators must eventually extend the RENITA network into their buildings by installing repeater systems that amplify the RENITA signals in and out of the buildings.

As these installations may harm the RENITA network, the Ministry of State has issued guidelines for buildings owners or operators and repeater integrators. The guidelines specify the procedures to follow and the technical specifications that shall guarantee a proper operation of the installation without causing interferences to the terrestrial network.

A first version of the document 'Mémento pour la couverture RENITA à l’intérieur de bâtiment' was published in February 2018. The new version 2.00 of the Mémento is available since October 2019.

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